Silvana is a world class Iyengar instructor who compares well to my senior teachers in Washington, DC and other world centers. Working to accommodate each individual’s specific needs and physical challenges, she encourages all to work to their potential. With often disarming candor, compassion and humour, Silvana has helped people in all stages of life—young adults, senior citizens, pregnant women, former athletes and the physically challenged. Her additional training and experience with Pilates informs her yoga instruction providing an extra benefit. Silvana was able to address my own injuries and scoliosis, allowing me to remain confident in my return to strength and flexibility. She proved a tremendous surprise in my assignment to Pretoria and will forever paint my experience of South Africa as a kind, compassionate yet challenging culture.


I did yoga with Silvana about 14 years ago and have yet to find someone a yoga teacher with so much passion and knowledge. I miss my yoga classes with Silvana.

Jane Jooste:

Silvana is a superb teacher, adjusting what she pushes you to do... up to just BEYOND what you think you can possibly do, but never beyond what you can actually do. She tailors each class to individual body needs, working on individual injuries or weaknesses while giving each person an incredible workout.


Yoga classes at Yogaline Yoga Studio are a unique experience I had read and been told about the many positive benefits of regular sessions of yoga, but did not know where to start to experience yoga for myself. I know of the many books on yoga that provide written history, theory and illustrations of what to do. However, through her classes at Yogaline, Silvana brings the theory of yoga to life with her practical application of the various aspects of yoga. Moreover, Silvana has taught me to include all aspects of yoga into my life. I feel that the classes have improved my life in many ways. Each session there is something new to learn and achieve. All of the classes at Yogaline are well balanced and well paced. In general, whatever one’s level of fitness or level of flexibility, one will never feel under pressure or unable to keep up with the pace of the class. Whether in a group or a private class at Yogaline, I, as an individual, am gently, quietly, sensitively and patiently guided to reach my full potential. In the stimulating environment of the Yogaline studio, together with up-to-date, well-prepared and expertly presented yoga classes, I am amazed at what I can achieve.

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